My mission is to help busy women stress less so they have more time and energy to enjoy life doing what they love with those they love.


…have an endless amount of things to do that even your to-do list stresses you out.

…spend your days just going through the motions and thinking about life as a chore, rather than truly enjoying the life you’ve built.

…are constantly juggling so many balls in the air you don’t know how to find enough time for your family, job and much less time for yourself.


…recognize and release stress easily throughout the day.

…create a life of ease that leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of each day and fresh every morning.

…develop a healthier way of being, so you can live a long life knowing you spent your days doing what’s important to you.

If anyone knows what stress is, it's me…

I’ve always had the tendency to take on too much in life, combined with perfectionist tendencies and an anxious personality.


On top of that, I lived for 9 years in Palestine/Israel, in a conflict zone, which was completely stressful. I worked in a high-paced international development career made even more stressful by working in a different culture and language.


I dealt with a lot of stress. I felt I was totally in a life that did not fit me.


  • I felt exhausted all the time. I barely had the energy to feed myself and spent most evenings vegging on the couch watching tv or surfing the internet.
  • I was angry and unhappy. I would be offended when someone would surprisingly say, “Wow Bethany, you’re funny!” Then I realized I was so miserable, that I had completely lost my ability to have fun, and most people knew my unhappy self.
  • I often felt emotionally numb. I would look back on the days that I would feel a deep sense of contentment sitting on my porch. But nothing seemed to make me happy anymore.
  • I started to have digestion issues, which no doctor seemed to be able to diagnose.


But then I found yoga and meditation. I started focusing more on myself.  I learned ways to take care of my emotional well being and relieve trauma and stress from the body, really simple ways that can work for anyone without super long yoga classes, because to be honest, not everyone has time for that. I learned how the way I eat was causing more stress on my body and leading to my exhaustion and digestion issues.


I’ve gotten my life back on track. Using the perfect combination of meditation, movement and eating, I got in touch with myself and learned to create an enjoyable meaningful life everyday.


Now, I help busy women reduce stress and live an enjoyable life doing what they love with those they love.


I am a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, with 9 years of study in yoga, meditation and emotional awareness and healing techniques in schools such as Yogabeats with David Sye and Capacitar InternationalI am currently studying towards a Health and Life Coach Certification with the International Coaching Federation.


Here’s 3 fun facts about me…


  • I was born Canadian, but grew up most of my life in Minnesota. As a true midwesterner, I’ve always loved my comfort zone (and comfort foods – Hello, mac & cheese!), but it was my experience living in Palestine/Israel, one of the most stressful conflicts in the world, that pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me I need to stop living the life I thought I should and start living the life I truly desire.
  • As a true student of my teacher David Sye, I don’t like rules. I don’t believe you need to develop the perfect schedule, maintain the ideal exercise routine or follow a strict diet of foods you hate. I believe the key to living a life without stress is by doing what you enjoy and makes you feel good everyday. Sometimes this might mean a piece of chocolate!
  • I absolutely love retreats! If I could spend my whole life practicing yoga, eating great food, relaxing, swimming and enjoying great company I’d be in heaven. So I’ve made it my life’s mission to live each day like it’s a vacation day, even while working and doing the chores around the house.

If you’re ready to stress less and start enjoying life again...



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