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Meet the busy, professional women who are true lasting energy success stories. With Bethany's help, these women all went from exhausted to feeling great, full of energy and able to enjoy life.

Meet Katie

Katie realized that changing her habits and the way she thinks about things IS POSSIBLE! She began breathing deeply through stressful moments and spoiling herself with the me time she craved! Get the relaxation meditation she uses to shake off the stress of the day!

Katie's photoKatie, the busy elementary teacher and new mom of an 11-month old son, let go of guilt and began focusing on the positive events of her day.

About Katie: Katie is an elementary school music teacher based in Montana and new mother of an 11-month old son. Katie’s frustration around food, exhaustion and stress were creeping up on her.

How She Gained Energy working with Bethany: She decided to join Bethany’s program to have the accountability and support she needed to set goals and achieve them.

Results: Katie began cooking more home-made meals, breathing deeply through stressful moments and spoiling herself with baths and pedicures. She began a positive new habit of focusing on what’s going well each day and began to reflect positively on her day, rather than focusing on the negative all the time.  She transformed her relationship to changing habits and now takes bite-sized steps toward achieving goals with NO anxiety and NO guilt.

Her Busy Demanding Days Meant She Never Had a Break

Katie looked back on what it was like when she was 22 and remembered feeling carefree and happy. She felt like she could handle anything that came her way and was passionate about making a difference in the world.

Over the years, the responsibilities of work, home and the transition of becoming a new mother left her with low energy all day.

“I’m at my breaking point. With the demands of work and moming, I never have a break.”

She’d tried to set goals before to eat better and cook more home-cooked meals. She would do something toward it, but most likely lose sight of it and then feel guilty about it.

She said the worst part was that she was starting to get angry and snippy towards those she loved and new she didn’t want to model this to her newborn son.

Bethany helped Katie Overcome Her Nervousness Over Make Goals

Bethany helped take away the anxiety over creating new habits and helped Katie take bite-sized steps toward achieving her goals.

“Bethany led me to feel powerful to change my habits to be a better version of myself.”

Bethany helped Katie determine what her ideal self looked like, visualize and take action steps to make it happen. The best part was that Katie began to believe that change IS possible and it let go of the feelings of guilt and nervousness associated with setting goals.

“Bethany has helped me realize that changing my habits and the way I think about things IS POSSIBLE. It became easier to take those steps, and if I didn’t get it done that week, there was NO GUILT.”

Her Stress Melted Away at the Beginning of Each Session

One of Katie’s favorite aspects of the program was starting each session with the question, “what is going well.”

“It was a weekly reminder to focus on the positive. After a couple of sessions, I started doing this on my own in the evenings – a positive new habit.”

She looked forward to beginning each session with a guided relaxation, which helped her shake off the stress of each day and be present for her help. She even began to breathe deeply through the stressful moments of her day.

Katie Had Life-Changing Results with the Program

  • She believes being the best version of herself IS possible.
  • Her relationship with herself completely changed and she knows she CAN take care of herself and take time for herself.
  • She knows she can always find her center if she stops and breathes during stressful moments.
  • She began to trust her intuition, which gave her feelings of comfort and satisfaction.
  • She released anger she was feeling over past experiences in her life.
  • She began to understand which foods give her energy and understood the importance of nourishing herself.
  • She began to appreciate all the things she did well each day and even show appreciation to the amazing people around her.

“Working with Bethany was fun, engaging and comforting. She deeply and genuinely cares about what’s going on in my life and what I want to achieve. I would definitely recommend working with Bethany!”

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